The Art of Patient-Specific Diagnosis

Afferent Input Practitioners seek to assess and improve the strength and therefore the physical resilience of every patient. We assert that stronger is always better and therefore we seek to improve strength to improve health. We recognise that strength is dependent on muscle control, not just exercise.

We believe that good health is dependent on the ability to withstand external forces (physical, chemical or emotional) and we know that by restoring our patients to greater levels of normal function, they can live healthier and more productive lives.

We believe that for a diagnosis to be useful it must be a statement of cause, not a description of the damaged tissue or the label of a syndrome. Once the cause is identified, the appropriate treatment is obvious and self-evident.

A growing number of quality studies are prospectively associating increased physical strength with longer life and less disease.

There is no downside to making every patient stronger and more robust.


The Association of Afferent Input Practitioners offers training in Afferent Input Principles and the techniques derived from those principles as well as a collaboration of like-minded professionals who want to be able to predict or improve the effectiveness of their treatment on an individual patient.

We aim to improve patient outcomes through practitioner education and patient-centred research, based on normalising afferent input.

Membership is ONLY available to qualified health professionals who have completed training in AFFERENT INPUT online or by live seminars.

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