• June Webinar - Neck adjustment for low back pain

    by Simon King 1 Lessons in

    28 learners taking this course

    Cervical disc lesions sometimes cause significant low back weakness that can lead to significant low back pain. In this webinar I take a patient with complex problems and significant low back pain and trace the origins back to a cervical disc lesion. You can see the outcome of the treatment here   but the analysis […]

  • May Webinar - New tests for Rhomboids

    by Simon King 1 Lessons in

    34 learners taking this course

    This Webinar is a case report with a 40 year old female who has had upper back and neck pain for 20 years. Watch as I use innovative tests (new variations of rhomboids and levator scapulae) to isolate the cause of the problem and then have to adjust adjacent vertebrae twice. This Course has one lesson called The lesson […]

  • April Webinar - hypertonicity and infertility

    by Simon King 1 Lessons in

    37 learners taking this course

    Hypertonicity. What to do when everything is wrong and you don’t know why.

  • March Webinar - Lumbar Disc diagnosis and treatment

    by Simon King 1 Lessons in

    40 learners taking this course

    A full case history. How to diagnose a disc lesion and how to work out what causes it.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Inguinal Hernia

    by Simon King 1 Lessons in

    30 learners taking this course

    Two webinars showing the diagnosis and treatment of Inguinal Hernia. The first is a personal trainer is booked in to have hernia surgery, the second is a builder walking in with quite severe antalgia. The video will show how I found his hernia using afferent input and fixed it in 15 minutes so that he could […]

  • Essentials of Afferent Input

    by Simon King 13 Lessons in

    236 learners taking this course

    Take our free introductory course to make sure you understand the Afferent Input paradigm and see whether this would be a good fit for your practice.

    Preview this course - (2 preview lessons)

  • Afferent Input Diagnosis and Treatment

    by Simon King 14 Lessons in

    121 learners taking this course

    Patient-specific diagnosis and treatment open to all qualified health professionals. This course teaches health professionals how to assess problems with output (function) to find the solution to the abnormal input.

  • Afferent Input Musculoskeletal Applications

    by Simon King 12 Lessons in

    84 learners taking this course

    The Keys to the Kingdom – Chiropractic diagnosis and treatment
    Suitable for Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists trained in manipulation

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